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5172 – AOS, Cloud9 & Orthotrac Laser Installment Plan Coupons w/Covers – Blue

Orthodontists: Are some of your patients on payment plans? Without a paper bill, they might forget to pay! Encourage timely payment by providing professional-looking installment plan coupon books. Each vertically perforated coupon has a section for patients to mail in with their check, and a payment receipt section for them to retain for their records.

These laser installment plan coupons are designed to be used with AOS, CLoud 9 or Orthotrac software. Printed in blue ink, with 3 coupons on each 8-1/2” x 11” sheet. Also available in lavender ink. Horizontal perforations make it easy for you to separate them into individual coupons and staple into the coupon book covers. Each carton of 1500 coupons comes with 100 covers; if your average installment plan runs less than 15 months, you may wish to order extra covers.

AOS users also have the option of using item 5176 or 5184; check your installment plan coupon layout to determine which is best for you.

We recommend that you give these to patients in our Wallet Style Folders, which are designed to hold both the coupon book and appropriate remittance envelopes. Remittance envelopes encourage patients to mail their payments in, rather than waiting to hand deliver their checks at their next appointment.

8-1/2” x 11”; 2 horizontal perforations; 1 vertical perforation; 24# bond paper; 1500 coupons per carton, 3 coupons per sheet. Please note that pricing is based on the actual number of coupons (not the number of sheets). Comes with 100 covers.

To view the additional covers, alternate coupons, remittance envelopes and/or wallet style folders, please see the related products below.

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Product # 5172
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